Aztec Design: The History of the Design with Power

Aztec art and design have seen a huge resurgence over the past few years. More people are becoming more aware and interested in the beautiful and artistic patterns created by one of the oldest and most important human civilizations to have ever walked the earth. With the intricacy of the patterns and the detail that comes with the design, it is easy to see why Aztec designs have become a popular work of art to incorporate anywhere, regardless if it is in a home or an office.

The question now is where these designs came from. Of course, the answer would be from the Aztecs, but what do the designs mean? What influenced the Aztecs to create such amazing works of art like the designs that we now enjoy?

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For the Aztecs in the ancient times, metalwork was an extremely common skill that was seen in people. However, a lot of the metalwork of the Aztecs is gone now because the metal used to make these materials was recycled to make coins or metallic armor. Smaller items are now in the possession of archaeologists, such as pendants, gold labrets, earrings, necklaces and earrings. The Aztec designs incorporated into these metal works included the representation of animals in gold, such as tortoises and eagles, as well as the deities that these people worshipped.

Another form of Aztec art that has survived the test of time better than the metal art of the ancient civilization is their sculptures. The subject of the sculptures made by the ancient Aztecs would usually be their gods and goddesses. The usual materials used for the design of these sculptures are either wood or stone and mostly served religious purposes. These sculptures were placed in temples or areas of worship. Since the belief of the Aztecs was that the gods reside in the bundles thought to be sacred, which were placed inside the temples.

However, it was customary to “feed” the sculptures with blood, as well as precious gems, to please their deities. This is the reason the first European travellers who managed to see the ancient Aztec civilization saw lots of sculptures splattered with so much blood and decorated with a lot of precious gold and jewels.

Aztec designs were also used to instigate propaganda. Art was predominantly used to enforce the power of the military of their civilization, and the dominance of their civilization’s culture. Most of the printed designs were used to advance the military aspirations of the ancient Aztec leaders, and usually contain intricate patterns that aim to invoke power, strength, or fear among those who will see them.

Luckily for the modern civilization, the use of Aztec design has been reduced to a fashion statement. However, these designs, regardless of their age, continue to exert the full power that they had in their early history when they were used to further the military causes of ancient Aztec leaders. Today, they have become not only a form of fashion but also a statement of power and dominance.